Oakville MCM in Santana

We received news that the Canadian Team, Oakville MCM Football Club, spent the day in Santana.
Although soccer was the principal reason for this trip, the team had the opportunity to get to know a bit about Madeira, touristically and socially, starting with a morning trip to the Madeira Theme Park.

In the afternoon, they were greeted at the Santana City Hall by the Mayor and his representatives.
As per the competitive agenda, the games took place at the Santana Municipal Soccer Field. Due to the fog and rain, the officiating team was waiting on the Head Referee, Elmano Santos, to call off the game. The game did proceed, resulting in the following:

U.D. Santana 3 - 1 Oakville MCM II
A.D. Camacha 0 - 3 Oakville MCM I

The after soccer-party was held at the "Os Bragados" restaurant. It was a great way to end the first games of the Madeira Tour.

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